The Learning Tower








Got a fussy eater on your hands?

Is your toddler demanding attention while you're cooking?

Would you like to see your child try a greater variety of food?

Would you like to create lasting fun memories in the kitchen?

Involving your child in the kitchen has many benefits

There are proven benefits of having your child safely involved with cooking and food. Studies show getting kids involved in the kitchen they are more likely to try healthy food that they've helped cook. It assists in cognitive development when they are younger and encourages healthy eating habits for life. It's also a great way to spend more fun time with your child. 

But it can be dangerous

The kitchen is where the action is, but it's also a dangerous place. Statistics show that the area in the house where the most serious accidents happen to children is the kitchen. Children who are free to roam in the kitchen are at risk of injury.

The solution is a Kidstep learning tower

The solution is the Kidstep learning tower. A purpose designed and built platform that raises your toddler to counter height where they can safely see what you are doing and be part of the action. Safety tested and height adjustable, you'll get years of use from the Kidstep as it grows with your child. You'll be amazed at how quickly your child becomes involved, enagaged and has fun in the Kidstep. You'll wonder how on earth you survived without it. 

Kidstep learning tower features

The Kidstep is designed and built for safety. But we also know that kids grow quickly and come in all shapes and sizes. That's why we've designed it to allow you to adjust the height so it'll last for years. It's safe, spacious and enables your child to complete those all important tasks. Discover more about the features of your Kidstep here.

What people say about the Kidstep learning tower

 Judith, Box Hill, Vic

who would have thought something so simple could change the game. My three year old boy absolutely loves it. He chopped then ate a raw carrot yesterday. Priceless!”