Because safety is paramount

All our learning towers have a safety bar for that added protection behind your child. They also have feet to reinforce its stability.
The Kidstep has anti-slip features on the platform and step to help prevent those little feet from slipping. It's been tested to ensure your little ones come to no harm. Please be sure to read our instructions beforehand.


Freedom to learn

Rest assured your kid will feel comfortable in the Kidstep. The platform (the bit your kid stands on) is generous measuring 400mm wide x 300mm deep. Plenty of room to manoeuvre! It's also not too heavy weighing only 7kg, making it easy to move round the house with out hurting your back.
Overall dimensions:
height: 90cm (standard kitchen bench height)
depth: 45cm (front to back at the widest part at the bottom)
width: 40cm

Room to grow

Getting the most out of your learning tower

One size does not fit all. That's why the Kidstep is adjustable. It's suitable for children from 18 months to 5 years old. As long as your child is confidently walking and can stand on their own unaided.
Simply adjust the height of the platform of your learning tower to suit your child's height. Just make sure the top of the learning tower is at or below your child's waist to maximise safety.

Carefully Designed

To suit any home

We pride ourselves on attention to detail. Each Kidstep learning tower has been hand made and uniquely designed to compliment your home. From the smooth hand finished edges to the choice of wood, your little one will not only be protected, you won't mind having the Kidstep in your home. You might even get a compliment.

Non-toxic and easy to clean

We use the best plywood sourced in Australia with the following key benefits:

  • non-toxic - our learning towers have no nasty chemicals typically found in other timbers (like formaldehyde in MDF). We use FSC approved timber and natural grapeseed oil for seasoning

  • durable - will resist the best of knocks and stains.

Throughout our design journey we always asked ourselves - is it easy to clean? The answer is yes! All you need is a damp cloth and simply wipe it clean. No need to scrub or use any chemicals. Because we all know fun in the kitchen with kids usually equals a big fat mess!