The alternatives to a learning tower

Why not just go out and buy a cheap plastic stool? Or better still, build the 'Ikea hack'? The answer is simple. These are not safe or long term solutions. The Kidstep is designed and made with the sole purpose of providing a safe solution for your child to interact at an elevated level.

We take an uncompromising approach to the design, sourcing and manufacture of the Kidstep. We don't compromise on:

  • safety - tested for safety and no awkward feet sticking out that you or your little ones can trip on

  • material - we use the highest quality non-toxic material (no formaldehyde in our timber)

  • finish - an extremely hard wearing, durable and super easy to clean finish, straight out of the box, no sealing and spray painting required

  • weight - light and easy to manoeuvre

  • manufacture - taking learning towers out of the garage and into a high quality Australian manufacturing facility.

Where a product is marked ** this means your product may take a little longer to get to you. These materials are specially manufactured and may take up to three weeks before dispatch. However if it's in stock we will dispatch sooner.