Kidstar was born out of need and passion. A while ago, we recognised the problem through our own daughter. She wanted to see what was going on in the kitchen and I wanted to include her. My husband and I searched around on the internet but couldn't find anything other than the Ikea hack. I'll be honest, I got my husband to make it. It was small and skinny, but the outcome was promising. It soon became our daughter's most used item. She was in it whenever either of us were in the kitchen. We realised very soon that this was life changing. Until...the tower toppled. Fortunately, our daughter wasn't hurt, but that was more luck than judgement.

By this time the idea of not having a learning tower was simply not an option. We looked for alternatives, but couldn't find anything suitable. Either big and bulky or unsightly or made out of unsuitable materials. The only choice was to make a better one. With my husband's experience of over 20 years in engineering  and the skills of the amazing team at Random Spaces, the Melbourne manufacturer that we've partnered with, we arrived at the Kidstep.

Meticulously designed and tested for safety, the final design was arrived at after extensive interaction with customers - including the real customers - the little ones!

Now we want to share this fun, joy and learning with parents all round Australia and the world.